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On Swedish television May 9th!


I bought a rain forest will finally meet its Swedish television audience when shown on SVT (Swedish Television), in May 9th.


HotDocs International premiere!


I bought a rainforest will attend HotDocs Documantary Filmfestival in Toronto, Canada. The film in compeeting for an Audience Award and will for the first time meet the international audience.


“The rainforest can be saved. And the only way to save it, is to buy it. Its just a matter of who is buying
it first.” - Main character Jacob

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About the film:
Jacob Andrén, an ordinary kid going to school in the 80’s, was, as at many schools in the western world, involved in fundraising actions to save the rainforest. Their teachers urged them to help by buying a piece of forest. Now a grown up young man he is wondering about what happened to all those trees that he and his classmates bought with the money they made by selling stuff on the flea market. He remembers getting a certificate, but that was 20 years ago. Did their effort really make a difference?

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Stockholm, Sweden
2010.03.10 - 2010.03.14

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